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Hi, I’m Sacha Soulspark.  I refer to myself as a Cosmic Shaman.  I have been in conscious extra-dimensional communication for over 10 years. I have learned quantum meditation, energy reading, and healing techniques from teachers in other realms.  These tools and techniques have allowed me to face and heal from severe childhood trauma, and supported me throughout my spiritual life journey. 

Some of my earliest extra-dimensional communication came in the form of channeled art and writing.  I call the images that I channel, “Dynamic Frequency Art”. These images are visual depictions of multi-dimensional energies.  

An Energetic Portrait is a visual depiction of the subtle quantum multidimensional energy flows of a person, place or thing. While channeling this image, I will receive insight and messages to share that will support and comfort you in your life journey. Visit the Energetic Portrait Gallery and Services page for more information, or click the link below to Order Now through Etsy. 




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Individual Services

Visit the Services page to learn more about how I can best assist you in finding clarity while navigating the complex layers of this multidimensional human existence. I only operate in support of the highest good of all, follow no religious dogma, and am completely open-minded, non-judgemental and respectful of your choices on your journey. There is no shadow too dark for the strength of the light I carry.  If you feel so inclined to get in contact, please do! I look forward to connecting. Email: