Quantum Perspectives

Energetic Portrait Gallery 

You are an infinite, limitless being and there is more to everything than what “meets the eye”. Let me show you something to help you remember your true Self.

More About Energetic Portraits

Dynamic Frequency Art Gallery  

Dynamic Frequency Art is channeled from the highest cosmic and angelic realms.  The images themselves are a form of advanced quantum technology that hold algorithms that dynamically respond to the viewer with frequencies that harmoniously interact in the manner that serves your highest and best good. You may notice your vibration changing as you look at them as evidenced by the images that seem to suddenly ‘reveal' themselves. These ‘pictures’ are meant to transcend the frameworks of the logical mind. They are much more than they may seem. They are best viewed with ‘neutral eyes’ so that energies within your field that are ready to be transmuted to a higher frequency can be more easily, and so that your gaze can be directed to images meant for you to see. 

They often tell of non-linear journeys and transformations across dimensions...the past, present and future all represented in the true now. The spaces between the markings allow your own mind to fill in the gaps...they truly ‘move’ and ‘change’ in response to the vibrational signature you are holding when you view them, so they will reveal different significant images to you over time.  You can see an image in one instance, and try for months to see it again but never will. 

The images are layered and very rich, but it is in the interaction between the energy that emanates from them and the viewer that is transformative to both.