Oct 24, 2018 ✨ Full Moon in Taurus 🌝 Allowing, Authenticity & Attachment

With this energy, the Divine Feminine is stepping into her empowered state. This comes as a relief after a long period of healing the inner child and allowing false beliefs and their associated structures to fall away. We have reconnecting with our inner knowing and are rediscovering what it feels like to truly trust ourselves. We are no longer seeking validation from anyone outside of ourselves, and are owning our uniqueness. We understand now that we don’t have to try to be anything. We only have to honor our own truth, and act from within that alone. 

Authenticity is the key to allowing. Authenticity can only happen in the Now moment, and true presence in the Now moment requires detachment from all outcomes. Detachment from all outcomes allows what is meant for you to come into your life effortlessly because you are acting in accordance with your authentic self and gifting yourself true freedom to fully experience the richness of every moment of life. 

Each thought reveals an attachment. When watched carefully, each thought carries a subtle energy of acceptance or rejection. 

Every judgement indicates an attachment to some desired or undesired outcome. A rejection or acceptance based on a dualistic idea of agree/disagree, right/wrong, good/bad, wanted/unwanted. 

Even the judgement, and subsequent rejection, of having a thought is an attachment to the idea that the cessation of thought is the desired state. If you’ve ever stopped yourself from doing something based on the desire to avoid an unwanted potential outcome, there are attachments affecting the full expression of your truth. 

Your true expression is a two-way street with the Universe. If you push away all of what you believe will lead to something that “you” don’t want, you may be missing out on opportunities to learn valuable soul lessons that will help you reach a higher level of consciousness, opening up new perspectives from which greater clarity can be obtained.  

Everything is for our learning, so the recognition of these attachments are for Soul exploration and more deeply understanding your Self. 

It’s time to re-explore everything down to the core and see if it’s is an outdated or fear based belief that has been awaiting your attention to be recognized and released. 

If you can release attachment to all outcomes- the ones you want and the ones you don’t - you can act and create fully from the heart without the influence of the ego.