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Energetic Portraits  

Bringing through dynamic frequency art on your image serves as an energetic healing - restoring alignment, clearing dense energy, as well as providing quantum ascension activations.

The image that comes through over your own will reveal insights to you itself, and the video is subsequently calming to watch and “feels like a meditation”.

Messages come in many forms - from ancestors, guides, angels - soul journey “past life” experiences - soul purpose - other insight and loving guidance from Source. You will receive that which supports your highest good.

This modality is a holistic application of my studies, experiences, gifts, and skills, and is guided entirely by my highest self, through my personal connection to Source energy.

To order, please use the link below to send your energy exchange contribution and provide the photo you would like me to use to bring through dynamic frequency art.

For best quality, please email your photo to SachaSoulSpark@QuantumPerspectives.com

You will receive a copy of the completed image, a video of the image coming into being, and a written description of the messages and insights that come through.

Please allow 3-7 days turnaround time.

Energetic Portrait Gallery

Quantum Field Clearing

All of the great saints, sages, prophets, and scientists can agree on one thing - that the truth of our being is energetic in nature. In our daily lives we are exposed to a plethora of energetic toxins that, without intentional maintenance, can infiltrate, effect, compromise, and dampen our energetic fields. Energetic toxins can come from many places, including technology, other people, negative thought patterns, stress, fear, advertising, social media, and family and work relationships. Connections with toxic people or situations can also cause energetic cords to be created, which may leave you feeling continually drained. Much like the particles of environmental toxins that you have to wash off of your skin, energetic debris requires focused intention and action to clear out. Regular maintenance and attention to your energetic field will help you to build a relationship with your own energy which will continue to grow and develop for lifetimes.

All healers’ gifts operate according to their own unique signature. I am able to see your energetic field and operate within it at multiple levels. I will work with an inter dimensional team that includes your personal spirit guides and a representation of your higher self, to deliver powerful shifts to your field, moving it as closely into balanced alignment as possible. Your field extends far beyond the confines of your physical body, so it is not necessary for physical contact to occur during your healing session, and distance (remote) sessions are possible. Your unique energetic needs will dictate the tools and methods utilised.

Quantum Spiritual Guidance & Multidimensional Navigation

Discovering your Soul's truth is the path to deep, lasting happiness, joy and peace. The spiritual path is a very personal one, and nobody can walk it for you.  Along the way there will be much discovery and delight! However, there can be confusing periods and experiences, during which, it can make a world of difference to walk with someone who understands and can help you sort through the lessons and messages the Universe is giving you. As a guide or mentor, I am committed to your learning, growth, and empowerment. I specialise in exceptional human experiences, including "psychic", intuitive, and other forms of energetic perceptive sensitivity.

     I am an expert in interpreting energy, if you do not have a specific concern or question, I can assess your field and discuss findings to help identify limiting beliefs and patterns in your life that are keeping you from your highest potential.

I am intuitively guided and assisted by a strong team that communicates with me in various ways to provide information and direct the use of energetic modalities and tools to assist in releasing blockages and dense energy from your field.  The modalities include quantum energetic alignment and shamanic soul retrieval & restoration techniques. Tools used may include guided meditation, energetic bodywork, crystals, channeled messages, and light language transmission. These techniques help to create the shifts necessary to elevate your vibration, reconnect you with your true self and illuminate your unlimited capacity to consciously work in concert with the Universe to live the life of joy that you are meant to!


Email SachaSoulspark@QuantumPerspectives.com for Service Inquiries and Payment details.


“…Sacha is a beautiful soul who brings joy and understanding to you through her frequency art. her gift is seeing through the layers of your spirit, bringing words of wisdom that help you remember your own unique spark in this world. She recently did an art piece for me [Energetic Portrait] and I found it beautiful and her words rang true.”

Debra H.

“The talented Sacha made a beautiful creation of frequency for me…she sent me the pics with the channeled message that made me cry with resonance. I am absolutely in love with mine [Energetic Portrait].”

Kelly N.

“Sacha is the best cure for doubt. She makes a difference for me continually. She brings me calmness and hope. I learned that I could change my whole world from the inside, and I continue to learn how from Sacha.” [Spiritual Guidance]

Casey D.